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  • Using a page builder like Elementor

    I’ve been a big convert to Elementor in the last year. It is a fantastic page builder and essentially it makes themes completely useless. For websites, rather than blogs, I always found themes to be confusing to the novice user. The idea that you would choose your theme before you had content is misleading. I…

  • Customising your WordPress working environment

    Looking for ways to improve how you customise your WordPress environment?

  • Don’t redesign your website

    Don’t redesign your website

    There is no need to redesign your website (again). Do not let any web developer tell you this. If you have an existing website, and especially if it is built upon a modern content management system like WordPress, there is no need to start an extensive redesign project. You are far better off getting to…

  • Re-imaging WordPress Support

    Re-imaging WordPress Support

    Working with different small businesses, I have identified a real need for an ongoing support relationship with a developer. This is more than just the classic webmaster role. This is an experienced web developer who is able to stay familiar with your site, so that they can respond quickly in times of crisis and help…

  • From Masterpiece to WordPress & Woocommerce

    From Masterpiece to WordPress & Woocommerce

    We developed a scripts and workflow to sync Masterpiece Manager and WordPress/Woocommerce, bringing an art gallery online.