Customising your WordPress working environment

Many clients I work with are not familiar with WordPress. One the most underrated features is the ability to customise your environment.

I always include plugins that help improve the experience. My favourite is Admin Columns Pro, which provides an easy way to adjust the columns and means to edit content from the list view in the backend.

But there are also a few great ways to customise your environment using built-in WordPress tools. To begin with, each user can customise their editors by dragging the metaboxes around the page. You can see this quite clearly on the Dashboard. Sections can be moved, collapsed or even hidden. To hide any section, use the Screen Options (in the upper right corner in Classic Mode) or Options under the 3-dot icon in the Gutenberg editor.

All of these changes are preserved for your user account, so once you make these changes, you will see these the next time you login.

I encourage you to experiment with this and change your WordPress environment to reflect your workflow. You will be amazed at how you much more you enjoy creating content when it is easy and simple to do.