When you are feeling stuck dealing with your communication and web presence, Aporia can help

We love working with WordPress and have done a lot of work on Woocommerce, Toolset, WPML, Ninja Forms. We’re also working hard to get familiar with Gutenberg, which is one of the most exciting things coming out of WordPress.

We have also worked on Information Architecture, Content Strategy and Social Media Strategy.

We try to find the best relationship with a client, often seeking a support role, as an organisation grows their web presence.


Don’t redesign your website

There is no need to redesign your website (again). Do not let any web developer tell you this. If you have an existing website, and especially if it is built upon a modern content management system like WordPress, there is no need to start an extensive redesign project. You are far better off getting to…

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Re-imaging WordPress Support

Working with different small businesses, I have identified a real need for an ongoing support relationship with a developer. This is more than just the classic webmaster role. This is an experienced web developer who is able to stay familiar with your site, so that they can respond quickly in times of crisis and help guide the future development of your website infrastructure.

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Aporia – What does it mean?

Why did I name my company, Aporia? There are a lot of reasons for choosing a company name. It is meant to signify something. It is also a way to identify something, a way to find it or even to create a brand. I chose Aporia for all these reasons, but in some way, I truly chose it because it is one of my favourite words, and it has been since I was first introduced to it in college.

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