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WordPress Plugins

Audio Envelope

Audio Envelope creates a centralised player for any audio on your page.
It’s a great way to bring together collections of audio, whether it is a podcast season or a featured playlist.


  • Integrated Map

    This renders locations on a map from separate location entries and provides deep navigation to be able to link from the map and to zoom into the map from the list of locations.

  • Multiple Stores in one

    This project pushed boundaries by offering multiple stores, with separate carts and orders for each.

  • Redesigning Structure

    This was a redesign and structural enhancement for an important human rights press award site.

  • Custom Inventory Management System

    Building an Inventory Management System from WooCommerce required coordinating lots of different parts of information.

  • Connecting Systems

    We connected several backend systems (document and customer management systems) with a frontend form which allows people to submit an application.

  • Booking Experiences

    This was a very elegant and complex design of WooCommerce and its Booking plugin. It involved a lot of customisation, including backend customisation for different users.

  • Migrating Database

    We migrated a database to WordPress and developed a stronger structure upon which to continue their management and development.