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We make technology work for you

Nothing is more frustrating than technology not working for you.

Having spent more than twenty years building websites, we understand this idea deeply. What can be built online is truly amazing and yet websites still fail in so many ways.

We want to help you find the best path to using the web to achieve your business goals, regardless of inherent problems with technology.

There should be no compromise when it comes to making your website work for you.

Fuel for Hibernation s22 Import

Creating an exhibition of multiple artists from the information imported via our custom python script


Every project is different

We follow the best path for our client


We are generalists

We have pursued a broad experience of web develop, in order to allow us to serve our customers, instead of making our customers serve us.

We would rather learn something new from our customers than do the same copy-and-paste web development that is so widely available. Instead, we want to focus on the real problems and to develop simple, elegant and affordable solutions for our customers.

With that said, we do have some strengths, and we find these areas serve as key anchors for any good web development project.

Information Architecture

Every great web site is built upon a solid infrastructure.

Reinforce your web site with your business goals and the integrity of how you do business.

Let your site reflect the solid foundation of your business.

Content Strategy

How we say something says more than what we say. 


A good web site matches the message to the experience.

User Experience

No one has time to divine how your site works.


Deliver an experience to your customers that makes their life better.

Web Development

Custom web development can be expensive and not appropriate for all clients.

We love working with WordPress, because it is such a rich environment and can be customised in so many ways. Rather than start from scratch, we like to build with the support of the WordPress community.

Media Management



We develop paths for our clients to continue along

We love when our clients no longer need our services. Although we do offer support packages, we are quite happy when our clients move on and no longer need our help. We do not need to develop a dependent relationship. Our success comes when a client no longer needs our services.


We are collaborators

Darcy Christ is the only full-time employee of Aporia, but we rarely work alone.

We like to collaborate with other like-minded independent designers and developers. You can see the featured designers listed on the project pages.


Darcy Christ

Web Developer


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