Custom Inventory Management System

We’ve worked closely with Studio Twenty-Two for several years now, helping them bring their entire catalogue online.

In the beginning, they handled thousands of artworks in their gallery management software called Masterpiece Manager. We created multiple scripts (in Python) to sync the data from Masterpiece with their WordPress site. Every artwork is a WooCommerce product, and once each artwork is sold or returned to the artist, the artwork remains as part of the catalogue. We chose this as a path to service the community, enabling them to enjoy all of the works from an artist, even if it leaves the inventory.

Eventually, their needs outgrew what Masterpiece Manager could do for them, so they choose to build their inventory management system inside of WooCommerce. This involved creating new reports, custom wall cards and information sheets. We also installed and customised a Point of Sales system for them using WooCommmerce POS.

The directors of Studio Twenty-Two are themselves creatives, and enjoy having control over the design of their site. We have worked hard to provide them with tools to manage their content in the way they enjoy working.