Audio Envelope

This WordPress plugin creates an audio player and playlist for all audio elements found on a page.

Audio Envelope pulls together disparate audio files listed in posts (typically in the excepts in posts) and provide a single player to control them. It also keeps track of the play point and can even continue to play the audio on subsequent pages that it is listed on.

This plugin requires at least one audio element. Audio can be added by inserting an audio file URL (ie. link to an mp3 file), or using the audio shortcode. All of the audio shortcodes render using either the HTML5 native audio player or the WordPress built-in media player (MediaElement.js). This plugin requires JavaScript.

What is Audio Envelope?

Audio Envelope is a WordPress plugin that creates an elegant and simple player for audio collections throughout your site.

How do you use it?

Just install it, add some audio to your site and the player will appear on those pages where the audio resides

Why would you use it?

Because you want to provide a clean interface for folks to listen to whatever collection of audio you’ve curated, whether it is a podcast season or a few podcast episodes you want to share.

What are the future plans for this player?

We see this player becoming a more established way of sharing audio content. Podcast players are great, the overhead of creating an RSS feed for every collection, means that it is not always easy to share a group of audio files. We believe this player will bring people back to the elements of WordPress and blogging and allow people to share audio within a page.

It is helpful to see what the page would look like without Audio Envelope.
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