Why would you use it?

We developed this plugin as a way to make it easier for podcasts to present their audio in collections. We love the convention in WordPress of using posts within a specific category for organising and presenting content. However, this ended up presenting lots of audio, each with their own players. We conceived of a way to create a master player, an envelope, to package all the audio together, so that it would be easier for visitors to play the audio.

We’ve also developed a method to continue playing the audio on subsequent pages. As long as the audio you are playing remains within the page you traverse to, it will continue to play.

We think this player could be used for all your audio, or just for specific collections. It is possible to limit the player to specific pages or types of audio. Once you have developed an audio collection, it becomes easy to send people to that page.

Also, since Audio Envelope is designed as a mobile first web application, this becomes a nice way to share an audio playlist with people.