Come work at Aporia

We are always looking for talented people to hire and collaborate with. Please get in touch with us if you are web developer in Hong Kong.

Aporia Limited is a different kind of business. Started in 2016 in Hong Kong, we have work in Hong Kong, Canada and Australia. Information is global and so is our business.

We believe in the virtual office and a future where we do not spend half our lives commuting, so we prefer to spend money on our people and the tools they need to do their job well. We love people who work from home or work in co-working spaces. We love people who support their own devices, because it shows a passion for your tools. We seek flexibility over rigid structure, because we know that autonomous employees work better and more efficiently. We don’t hire employees, we hire collaborators.

As a web consulting and development company, we are focused on solving people’s information problems. We look for the best solution, not the most lucrative. We expect our collaborates to share this desire to solve our clients’ problems above all else.

We seek out interesting projects that sometimes fall outside the scope of traditional web development. We’re not afraid to encourage a client to save money and focus on existing social media platforms rather than develop a complex and expensive website. We often play the role of shoring up insecure infrastructure and helping clients to develop a better workflow than encouraging the development of new tools. In other words, we are solution focused.

Come work with us and we’ll help you develop tools and support your tools that will help you be more productive wherever you work.

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